Junior Achievement of Albania

Junior Achievement of Albania (JAA) is a member of the global organization on entrepreneurial education, Junior Achievement Worldwide. The mission of the organization is to prepare young people to thrive in the 21st century workplace and global economy .

The Why. Your vision and goals. Please highlight what you want to achieve:

JAA prepares young people to thrive in the 21st century workplace and global economy by inspiring passion in free enterprise and entrepreneurship and instilling an understanding of personal financial literacy and work readiness. Since 2018, JAA has reached 100% of Albania’s pre-university education system through its services and support.

JAA aims and works every day to:

  • Narrow the gap between the theoretical and practical entrepreneurial competences;
  • Help young people make the right career choices;
  • Raise awareness and increase knowledge and capacities on financial and entrepreneurial competencies;
  • Develop a culture of youth self-employment and entrepreneurship in Albania.

The What. Your customer value proposition. Please highlight your portfolio of services:

JAA is providing the following services:

  • Accredited training on 15 training programs on financial and entrepreneurial learning for pre-university teachers in Albania;
  • Assistance and capacity building for teachers and students of core and elective JAA modules in the high education curricula on entrepreneurial learning and soft skills;
  • A practical approach to entrepreneurial learning, through collaboration with the business sector’s mentors and volunteers;
  • Networking through local and international extracurricular activities for the pre-university system’s students and teachers in Albania;
  • Soft skills training and extracurricular activities for tertiary education system students in Albania.

The Who. Your target group(s). Please highlight whom you support:

JAA targets through its inclusive approach:

  • All teachers of the lower education system (public and private) in Albania (K9);
  • Teachers of core and elective modules on entrepreneurial education in the high education system in Albania (public and private);
  • Pupils and students of the pre-university education system in Albania;
  • University students of the finance, economy, and entrepreneurial faculties in Albania.
  • Young entrepreneurs and founders in Albania.

The Team. Please introduce members of your team (what are their unique skills/focus):

  • Suela Bala – JAA CEO. Suela has 13 years of combined technical expertise in education and management in the public and international nonprofit sector, including program design and delivery, strategic planning, advocacy, research, business and partnership development, donor stewardship, policy analysis, and human resources development. She holds an integrated B.A and MSc degree in Physics and Secondary Science and Mathematics Education from Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey.
  • Blerina Guga – High School Program Manager, has 19 years of experience in the civil society sector, with extensive work in research, training, and developing training modules. She is an experienced trainer in strategic planning, organizational development, leadership and individual learning, critical thinking, public speaking and debate, grants making and partnerships, M&E tools and practices.
  • Alma Avram – Finance and HR Manager, with 14 years of experience in Finance and Accounting. She is a graduate of Tirana University, Faculty of Economics, Finance & Accounting Department, with considerable working experience with international and national businesses in Albania.
  • Nilbert Jani – Office Manager, has 28 years’ experience in finance and office management. She has worked on different projects for international organizations. She is a graduate of Tirana University, Faculty of Economics, Finance Department. She joined the JAA team in October 2012.
  • Mersi Shehu – High Schools Project Coordinator, holds a MSc degree in Public Administration and a B.A in Finance from the University of Tirana. Previously, she has been involved in projects aiming to improve youth, children, and women’s position in Albania.
  • Manola Bele – K9 Project Coordinator, has 15 years of experience in the banking sector and donor organizations. She is a graduate of “Business Economics;” from the University of Aristotle and holds a master’s degree in Banking and Finance. Since 2018 she is a part time lecturer in the “Faculty of Economy” of Tirana University on “Entrepreneurship” and “Business and Communication”.
  • Kristela Pashollari – The debate Program Coordinator, holds a diploma in Business Administration from the Economic Faculty of Tirana’s University. She has been working with Nonprofit organizations ever since her university years. She is interested in Advocacy, Human and Children Rights, Lobbying, Child/Youth participation, Debate and Public Speaking. Kristela is a JAA alumna and a former board member of the JAA Alumni board.
  • Sadi Lika – A Startup program Coordinator, as a young entrepreneur starting his company in his early 20’s. His business idea originated in one of Junior Achievement of Albania programs. He has won several startup competitions in Albanian and regionally. Sadi is a startup mentor, motivator for startup programs and mentor of JAA students’ companies. Sadi has a bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering from the Technical University of Tirana. Sadi is a JAA alumnus.

The Success. Please describe your most significant success(es), something you are most proud of:

Within seven years of its activity, JAA has reached a full scale of Albania’s entire pre-university education system, making us the most prominent actor. JAA is offering its services and support to financial education and entrepreneurial learning. JAA modules are part of the core and elective curricula of the pre-university education system in Albania.

JAA is a member of the global organization on entrepreneurial education, Junior Achievement Worldwide. We are a part of the family of organizations with 100 years of experience and 122 members worldwide.

During the past few years, JAA has trained and certified 7500 teachers of Albania’s pre-university education system. We keep building their capacities with new and up-to-date skills that they can transfer to young Albanians.

JAA has positioned itself as a trustful and resourceful partner of Albania’s educational institutions for local and international organizations and institutions. JAA is a founding member of the Albanian Network for Entrepreneurial Learning.

In November 2019, JAA was awarded the Junior Achievement Award – “Europe Model Organization”.

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