Nova Iskra

Nova Iskra is a pioneering creative hub in the Balkans created to incite tangible connections between creative industries, technology, and people. Nova Iskra is present with three different work fields through the Workspace, Programs & Education, and Design Studio.

The Why. Your vision and goals. Please highlight what you want to achieve:

Our mission is to design spaces and experiences for people, organizations, and businesses to work, learn, innovate, and create together. We take an active role in shaping the way we, as a society, will live, learn, and work. 

The What. Your customer value proposition. Please highlight your portfolio of services:

Nova Iskra has several different services – in our includes Nova Iskra Workspace, Nova Iskra Programs & Projects, and Nova Iskra Studio. Even if each of these segments has different value propositions, we could say our shared value is to connect creative industries, technology, and people. 

Services we provide are from the domains of the coworking sector, informal education, design field, and project management. 

The Who. Your target group(s). Please highlight whom you support:

We support different gruops, with our different services:

  • Nova Iskra Workspace – startups, freelancers, teams, SMEs 
  • Nova Iskra Programs&Projects – Students, Young professionals CCI sector, Entrepreneurs, SMEs 
  • Nova Iskra Studio – SMEs, Startups, Companies, Organizations, Institutions

The Team. Please introduce members of your team (what are their unique skills/focus):

Our team members are:

The Success. Please describe your most significant success(es), something you are most proud of:

Some of our successes are:

  • Nominations and awards for the best coworking space 
  • Virtus award for the best corporate / NGO collaboration (NEP program) Co-creating European Creative Hubs Network 
  • Co-creation of the Association of Serbian coworking spaces

Information. Please share your website and social media links where people can follow and contact you directly :