Preduzimanje: Episode 03, Nana Radenković

“Preduzimanje” is a podcast made by Milena Milić and Ivana Sabo. The focus of the podcast is female founders and the challenges they are facing every day in work and life. One of the critical points of this podcast is supporting systems for women entrepreneurs in Serbia. The podcast is in the Serbian language. It is available on different podcasting platforms and YouTube.

The third episode of “Preduzimanje” podcast is a real treat. The podcast guest is Nana Radenković, an entrepreneur, mentor, trainer, teacher, and art historian. Nana is the most famous as one of the founders of Nova Iskra, a studio and co-working space.

Enjoy listening to Nana and find out how she sees the world around us:

If you prefer visual media, here is the link to our YouTube podcast episode: