Swiss EP B&H

Swiss EP Bosnia and Herzegovina team is placed in two cities – Sarajevo and Banja Luka. In this way, the team can quickly respond to all the needs of the country’s diverse ecosystem.

Alema Pelesić

Ecosystem facilitator

Alema is helping startups, POs, and other stakeholders in B&H to collaborate and develop meaningful relationships. She is a community specialist for doIT, and she is running a local chapter of Startup Grind in Sarajevo.

When she is not hanging out with startups, she enjoys watching period dramas on Netflix or HBO, practising yoga and eating sushi.

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Vladimir Ćorda

Ecosystem facilitator

Vladimir was deeply involved with the entrepreneurship scene in B&H long before joining the Swiss EP Team as a member of different entrepreneurship support groups in Banjaluka. Today, he helps and connects local and regional teams who are willing to change the world.

Vladimir enjoys craft beer and DiY projects

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Updates from the Bosnia and Herzegovina entrepreneurial ecosystem

Katalizator Demo Day

The Demo Day of Katalizator program was organized on December 10th, 2020. It was a wrap up of all the activities and efforts that participants and organizers put in a three-month-long program.

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