Swiss EP Serbia

Swiss EP Serbia team is settled in the city of Belgrade. From the capital city, they can easily reach Novi Sad, Kragujevac, Čačak, and Niš and work with our partner organisations.

Milena Milić

Ecosystem Facilitator

Besides her work in ecosystem boosting within the Swiss EP Serbia, Milena is also a passionate supporter of women entrepreneurship. She is a founder of “Preduzimanje”, the first and largest support network for female founders in Serbia.

Milena enjoys rainy days and board games.


Miloš Lazović

Project Officer & MRM Specialist

Miloš is devoted to his work – empowering entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial ecosystem across Western Balkans. Diligent, reliable, and well informed, he is the glue that connects different POs and keeps them together.

As a gourmet, Miloš loves quality food and beer and “krempite sa Tvrđave”.

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Svetlana Basarić Rajković

Finance Manager and Administration Officer

Svetlana is a finance guru who starts her day by reading Financial Themes. There is nothing that she doesn’t know and can not do in the finance world. Svetlana loves numbers and their company.

Svetlana is also a proud mom, passionate environmentalist, and animal lover.


Luka Prišunjak

Ecosystem Facilitator

Luka made a switch from the construction industry to the startup and entrepreneurship world a few years ago. Ever since he is learning and teaching others how to develop their business, discover customers, and scale-up.

Like most boys, Luka loves historical books, especially the ones describing battles and military strategies.


Ivana Sabo

Content Creator

Ivana is a Content Creator for SwissEP Western Balkans – she is the one who is sharing exciting stories “from work.” Besides that, she is a girl geek, startup ecosystem supporter, entrepreneur, bookworm, and full-time parent.

When she is not in front of the screen, she enjoys playing around with her boys.


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